Alena Rakhman PA-S

Physical Diagnosis II: History and Physical


I believe my 2nd H&P is more organized, has a better flow to it and is more detailed. One of the reasons for that is due to better history taking. I was able to elicit important information and ask additional follow-up questions that contributed to the HPI. The HPI in general has improved because, even though I still utilize the OLD CARTS method, I am more flexible with the types of questions that I ask, trying to utilize what I have learned about the patient’s chief complaint. Overall, I believe my 2nd H&P is more detailed but is also concise and is presented in a well-organized manner. In regard to my current skill in performing a physical exam, I have gained some confidence each time I got to practice. One of the strongest aspects for me doing the PE is remembering all the components that pertain to each section. However, my physical examination still lacks in the flow. As I progress to the clinical year, I would need to focus on the PE, trying to distinguish what is normal compared to abnormal, and understanding what it means in regard to the patient’s medical complaint.

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