Alena Rakhman PA-S

Final Reflection on Clinical Correlations

I definitely noticed a difference between Clinical Correlations I compared to CC II. In CC II I was able to utilize the knowledge and skills that were covered in the summer, and I was able to build upon them. One of the changes for this session was that I tried to apply my researched topics to the discussed case. In doing so, I noticed that I was able to retain the information better, which is why I am certainly looking forward to starting clinicals. It was still challenging sometimes to think on the spot, or to draw relationships between information, which I struggled with before, but I believe that aspect has also improved somewhat and will continue to develop with more practice. I was surprised with how much I have learned in just one semester, since I did not feel confident discussing the cases or presenting my topics in the summer, and now I look forward to it and to providing my classmates with useful information. I would advise the students in the class behind me to have fun with this course – to utilize different presentation strategies, incorporate interesting facts that are relevant, and to also keep the presentation concise and to the point. This way not only does your presentation become more interesting, but you also retain that information better. Additionally, I also like that we have rotating instructors. Each instructor has their own unique way of doing something, and I believe that that diverse feedback prepares students for clinicals. We will be working with different providers, and we will have to adjust to their way of practice and to their site, and in the end hopefully retain the good qualities. 

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